Consentry uses machine learning to help validate a test result. To do this, the app will ask you to take before and after photos of your cassette (where you put your sample), placed on the Calibration card. 

For best results first time we recommend you do the following before starting your test: 

  1. Set up - Before taking your test, ensure you have a space ready to perform the process on a flat table or surface. The Calibration card should remain on a flat surface for placement on the cassette. The cassette should remain on a flat surface during the development of the test result for accurate reading. Please do not pick up the cassette from the placement of the card during the 10- 15 minute incubation period of the result. 
  2. Internet connection - Consentry needs to connect to cloud services via the internet. Please ensure your mobile device has a good mobile internet connection and/or has a Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Lighting - As Consentry takes photographs of both your unused and used Rapid Antigen test cassette during the screening process, you should ideally be performing the test in a well-lit room or area.
  4. Shadows - When taking your images look to see if the lighting is casting shadows on the calibration card, shadows that partially cover the Rapid Antigen cassette can interfere with the result confirmation. Especially shadows on the reference triangles and the result window can affect the AI software capabilities of making a conclusion.
  5. Mobile Camera - Please ensure the camera lens is clean so it takes a crisp and sharp photo. Camera lenses that are dirty or have cracked surfaces may result in a void result.
  6. Steady hands - If you have health issues that cause shaking when taking a photo, please escalate to your team supervisor for assistance if you are getting repeated error messages in the image capture process.
  7. Mobile phones functionality - During use the following device permissions will be asked for and will be required:
    1. Access to camera
    2. Notifications (for timers and results)
  8. Mobile phones and compatibility - The Consentry app is compatible with all iPhones with an iOS 12 or later and Android OS 6 or later.