Receiving an Exposure Notification alert

You receive exposure alerts if you have been in close contact with a team member that later tested positive for COVID-19. Here’s what happened before you see that alert:

  • That team member would have shared their recent recorded visits with your organisation.
  • Your organisation’s administrator would have reviewed those visits with the team member and when appropriate, pushed those visits to the global ‘Potentially Infected Places’ list. 
  • Every day, your device downloads this ‘PIP’ list and compares the visits with your private recorded visits log.
  • If an overlap is detected, you receive an exposure alert.
  • Tapping on this will provide instructions from your organisation on what actions you should take.

If you've received an alert from the Consentry app but have not seen any guidance from your organisation, we'd recommend that you reach out to them directly.

Alternatively, tap here for advice local to you from the World Health Organisation.